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About Me

I was born and raised in the Town of Delafield where I still live today with my husband Craig. We were blessed with two sons, Will and Max, who we were lucky to raise right here on Pewaukee Lake. There truly is no better place in the state.


Prior to being elected to the State Assembly, I earned my bachelor's degree from UW-Madison. I went on to have a successful career in the fashion industry and honed my business management skills working at our family business in Waukesha County.


My experience in the public sector began in 2012 when I was elected to the Delafield Town Board. I proudly served three terms where I learned that the best ideas come by listening to the people I represent. Their shared experiences gave me a different perspective and allowed me to become a better problem solver. I have and will continue to carry these lessons with me to Madison as your representative in the State Assembly.


There is no job I've enjoyed quite as much as representing the residents of the 97th Assembly District. I ask for your support in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 5. 

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On the Issues...

We have a responsibility to ensure our young people are prepared to enter the workforce with the necessary skills to succeed and grow our state’s economy. This legislative session, I supported legislation to put high-tech equipment and experienced instructors in our schools to give kids hands-on experience in technical fields. In order to make sure our graduates can make an informed choice about higher education, I voted for legislation that would require all higher education institutions to report costs, graduation rates, and expected salaries for various fields of study.




Stubborn inflation is making it more difficult for families across our state to make ends meet and our high income tax rate is making people think twice before moving to Wisconsin. This is why I was proud to support a state budget that included the largest tax cut in state history of over $4.4 billion with an average tax reduction of $573 per filer. Unfortunately, this tax relief didn’t make it past the Governor’s veto pen.




Following the horrific attack on the Waukesha Christmas Parade, I authored a constitutional amendment to give our courts the ability to protect our communities from repeat offenders. The amendment, which passed with overwhelming support of the public in a 2023 referendum, allows a judge to consider the totality of circumstances, including past convictions for violent crimes, when setting bail for an individual accused of a violent crime.



Bail Reform

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